Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Little Quilting Helper

After the success of my first quilt I am now making a bunny rug quilt with some left over fabric I bought for the embroidery hoops on little ones wall (which reminds me I still need to write that post!). But I couldn't make it without my little "helper"!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quick Pinspiration Post - Flowers and Beads

Huge flowers anyone?
Image and details over on Mon Carnet
Or how about a DIY painted wooden bead necklace:

Image from Laura Parke
Click on the image caption links to find out the how to's. I am also thinking those beads would be great for garlands or even a mobile.... hmmmm.... now where to find wooden beads. Anyone know?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My First Ever Quilt

This week i finished my first ever quilt, and i must admit I am just a little bit proud and already planning my next one.
It went from this:

to this:
to this:

Small confession - i didn't do the actual quilting myself as i couldn't justify a quilting foot for my machine when i hope to get a new machine mid year - so a quick google search led me to Kim's Quilt's who can quilt your quilts for you - and better yet - she is only 30 mins down the road from me!
I used a few excellent tutorials along the way including Diary of a Quilter and Retro Mummy (who I also bought the charm packs from at a market in sydney). If you ever wanted to make a quilt - charm square quilts are the easiest ever - just start and you will be done in no time.
If you are feeling inspired and want to check out some other creative spaces - head over here

Even more cheer for your kitchen

Did you catch my blog a few weeks ago about painted serving utensils. Well why not go one step further and colour block your wooden cutlery for your next event or dinner party.

(images via Studio DIY)
Check out the full how to over at Studio DIY

Easter Egg Hunt Minus the Chocolate

With a two year old who is going through a bit of the terrible twos at the moment I wanted to limit the amount of chocolate he got on easter day (yeah right!). So for his first ever easter egg hunt I grabbed some animal finger puppets from the local $2 shop and some refillable plastic eggs from Lindcraft (plus a few Cars 2 eggs as well) and voila - an easter egg minus the chocolate.
Did you have a traditional easter egg hunt or something a little different?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yes Please Thank You - One of Everything

Book shelf, bunting, book organiser, clean white floors, oven, pram, pocket shelf..... I'll take one of everything please
Image via dejligheder blog

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Having a ball

This is what a public holiday should be about - kicking the ball around with dad at the local park

Em wanted to get in on the action
 I hope you all had a great long weekend. Did you get up to anything interesting or just chill with the family? (photos of our easter egg hunt shortly

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pinspiration - Shirt Sleeve PJ Pants

Inspired by this tutorial by indietutes:
Imgage from indietutes
 I made these quick and easy PJ pants for my little man:

They were so easy to make - you only need to sew 3 seams. I didn't follow the tutorial exactly (I got confused) - but they seemed to turn out alright. And i love that they are made out of my husbands old business shirts which are nice and soft from lots of wear. When they run out i may have to hit up the local op shop.
What have you made or done that was inspired by Pinterest?


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