Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One knit, two knit

By now you have probably worked out I have a thing for oversized knitting - in case you missed it you can read about my minor obsessions here, and here.
So when i saw this post from Fresh Home Blog on Mary Marie Knits on Etsy - i just knew i had to check out her store. Cara, the women behind these beautiful products started out on etsy selling candles but now finds here true passions lie in knitting. I highly recommend you check them out. One rug and a collection of the colourful poufs would go perfectly in our playroom!


  1. Those poufs would look awesome here too

  2. Oh Kate I love the pouffes - they look like giant sea anenomes - I'm off to explore now! x f

  3. Great find Kate - I'm no knitter so I'm extra impressed that anyone can knit with those huge needles! -- Deb

  4. WOW I love the rug and pouffes. Charmaine



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