Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two Little Princes - and Princesses too!

I am a huge fan of recycling kids clothes and it would be safe to say over 90% of my son's wardrobe is second hand, whether it be from the excellent Baby and Kid's Markets or from family and friends - so i was a little excited when i came across Two Little Princes in my internet wandering last night. This site is great for those who don't have access to the markets in major cities, those who prefer shopping from the comfort of their home, or those who don't want to spend (or can't afford) to spend hundreds on their kids clothes, particularly when they are young and they grow so fast.
And better yet - there is 30% off store wide until Mothers day!
Some goodies I came across in my search:
Size 1 Fred Bare Jeans $15

Size 1 Osh Kosh boat shoes $12.50

Size 0 - Pumpkin Patch - warm winter hoodie $7.50 

Size 7 - Huski - "Explorer" - suitable for ski wear $35

So far it is mainly clothing and accessories on the site - but they are expanding soon to include toys, at home, mums and dad's products. New stock added weekly so check back often. Support this great website created by a mum who moved to rural NSW and just wanted to buy some afforable and responsible clothes for her kids


  1. It's always refreshing to see ' reusables' at the price of things. My kids and theirs are growing up in hand-me-downs, thrift buys, nothing ragged, just reasonable. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thanks for your comment Dar.
    It is amazing what you can pick up. I have bought as new clothes still with tags on them at second hand markets for less than $5. Why wouldn't you



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