Monday, September 26, 2011

yes please, thank you - Boondie Baby

Given they just reached 1000 likers on their facebook page  - I may be a little behind the eight ball on this one - but felt the need to share none the less. A mother of three, Lauren - the face behind Boondie Baby creates homemade, one off products for sleeptime, playtime and feed times. And the best part - custom orders are super welcome meaning you can add to your already perfectly coordinated nursury themes (or not as the case may be!)

Some of my favs:

Activity Ball - complete with ball rattle, large button (safe for little ones as it is super sized), rope with beads perfect for teething and colourful taggies.

Burp Cloth packs for 2 and 3

Mini Fleecy Blanket - 63cm x 67cm

Be sure to check out her website and Made It Store - or if you are in VIC - check out her market dates here
(all images via Boondie Baby Website and made it store)

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