Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pottery Week 2 - Coil Pots

Last night i had my second of 9 pottery classes and this week it was Coil Pots. It is a pretty simple concept - all you need is a slab base, then you make long coils and wind your way round, joining them as you go. You can go up, in and out - but I was not quite that adventurous. I think my final product is reminiscent of Pooh Bears Honey Pot. I wasn't quite feeling this way of working with clay but apparently it can be used to form the most amazing shapped pots both super small and super huge.

No idea what i am going to use it for as it is a wierd size. Too big for small objects and too small for big objects. Any suggestions? Next week is glazing - bring on the pretty colours.

On a side note, we were talking in the class about what other classes we would like to see offered. My suggestion was a sewing class for children's clothing. What classes would you like to see your local community centre offer?


  1. The pottery class sounds like fun Kate! xx

  2. A sewing class for children's clothes sounds great! I have seen so many pieces lately I'd love to try making for Grace but my knowledge of sewing is very basic. Could you use your pot above as a plant pot (put a plant potted in a plastic pot inside it)?



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