Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Apologies.... and cardboard houses

Firstly - a sincere apology for my prolonged absence from blogging land. I am going to blame this one on the baby who decided to go with the whole 4 month sleep regression stage with gusto. I didn't even know it existed til lo and behold she hit 4 months and stopped sleeping! I have also developed a bit of a sewing addiction which has kept me away from the computer a bit. Anyway - enough about that. She is still not sleeping, and I am still addicted to sewing, but I have too many things I wanted to share. Starting with this gorgeous cardboard house. As soon as my little lady learns to sit I am making one of these!
images via Ambrose Creative
Head over to Ambrose Creative for some more gorgeous photos and a how to

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  1. Very cute! I'd wondered where you'd disappeared to when I hadn't seen you post for a few weeks :) Sophie's sleep is all out of whack at the moment too. I'm blaming teeth. She's got several all at the same time over the past month and a bit and now has six (at this age Grace didn't even have any!!) I've come to accept that between 12 and 2, it's most likely I'll be awake calming her and keep reminding myself that it's just a stage and won't last forever :) Hope your sleep improves soon x



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