Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stylish Bloggers Award

The week before Christmas when I was madly rushing to get things done before we left Sydney for the holidays I very excitedly received my first blogging award – “The Stylish Blogging” award. Now those that know me well, know that whilst I love pretty things, I could in no ways be considered stylish – but who am I to say no – so a big thank you to Cate at Keep Cate Busy for nominating me for the award.
In order to accept this award I must:
a)      thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award – thanks Cate - check
b)      Share 7 things about yourself
c)      Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great bloggers (but you can be a bit naughty like me!)
d)      contact those bloggers and tell them about the award
so 7 things about myself:
1.      My middle name is Tove which is a name my parents made up – it is kind of half Hebrew half Norwegian
2.      I have a small dog called Daisy Duck – I wanted to just call her Duck, but my mother said she needed a first name too. Having Duck in her name confuses my nieces no end (plus my in-laws have a dog called Teddy which doesn’t help the situation!)
3.      I have lived in Sydney all my life – I love to travel but I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home.
4.      I had never heard of “blogs” 6 months ago!
5.      When I was little I wanted to be a tap dancing vet. I am neither – but there is still time!
6.      My love of stationery goes back to primary school
7.      I am 5’4 but I think I am actually shorter as I am forever hitting my head on things
Unlike Cate I don’t have OCD tendencies – so I am quite happy to stop at 7!
Now I am meant to pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great bloggers – but I am going to be a bit naughty and cut this down to 11 (hope no one minds!) (in alphabetical order):
1.      badskirt
2.      Bondville
3.      Chantal Vincent Art
4.      eggshell blue
5.      Life In A Pink Fibro
6.      Me a mum:
7.      Moags and Smeet
8.      My Sweet Prints
9.      One craftee mumma
10.    Paperklip

OK - so now that I have satisfied my requirements (just give me about 10 minutes to email the above!)– take some time to check out some of the above blogs (all the above area  links but for some reason they aren't showing up that way!)– they are well worth a read!


  1. What a cool middle name! As a tap dancing vet I think you'd give Dr Harry a good run for his money : )
    Thanks so much for my award Kate.

  2. Oh I think you are *very* stylish!! Thanks for the link-back - congrats to you!!
    And thanks for all those fab links - I actually found 'one craftee mumma' a little while ago, and never followed, and forgot thanks - she's great, and now I'm following her so I won't lose her again :-)
    PS I love badskirt too!! (she's the one who made the cool 'Cate' block pic on my sidebar!!

  3. Wow, thank you Kate! How thrilled I am to be stylish. Merci xxx

  4. Hehe...tap dancing vet. I like it! Thanks so much, and I have just posted my thanks at ~ Laura (Moags)

  5. Thanks so much Kate! I'm going to do my post right now! I loved your answers and Tove is a very cool name! Jxx

  6. Congratulations 'stylish' lady and sorry for being so ridiculously late in thanking you. I too love your seven things x



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