Friday, June 3, 2011

A 39 nine year old machine lives on

So on Wednesday night this week I went to a "get to know your sewing machine" course at my local sewing centre (Chatswood Sewing Centre). After getting over my initial embarrassment that everyone had fancy new machines where you press one button and out pops a quilt, and I had my mum's Bernina circa 1970's - i got into the swing of things. We learnt everything from how to clean you machine, to changing needles, to filling bobbins - basically your ABC's of sewing machines. BUT - at the end of the class I was able to finish a row of sewing without a tangle in my bobbin case and i learnt how to heam a pair of jeans, a very important life lesson in my eyes! Only downer was the guy from the shop said if I used my machine again it would effectively blow up and never recover - so I had to leave it in for a service. Fingers crossed I can remember everything when I get my machine back.

Some projects I have my eye on once i get my machine back:

A quilt inspired by Alphabet Monkey - but i am thinking with fish and boats instead of clouds

Fabric Beach Balls by the purl bee

reversible bag - tutorial by very purple person

Cloudy Day Applique Tote Tutorial  by Craft Snob

Watch this space for more sewing goodness to come! (you can also check out my pinterest board of sewing inspiration )


  1. Yay for you Kate, that's so exciting! If you do forget in the meantime just pop over and I'll give you a refresher :)

    I still haven't got my machine serviced, would u be able to let me know how much yours costs to fix when you get it back and I might take it to the same place. It's the one kind of opposite the video store and hairdresser isn't it?

    I love that blanket and the fabric beach balls are so cute. I'll have to check out your sewing board on pinterest.

    Have a great afternoon and I hope you're all healthy now!

  2. Glad you had a good time at your sewing lesson. I love that reversible bag and that cot quilt would be perfect for the aqua and grey nursery I am planning. Enjoy your weekend x

  3. Old sewing machines are cool. I did blow up my mum's machine from the early 80s, but my grandmother's Singer is still going strong! Best of luck with your sewing projects (but a word of advice, don't get too obsessed and let fabric remnants take over your life ;p )



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