Thursday, June 16, 2011

Etsy Love - Eloise Renouf

In my latest wanderings of Pinterest, I came across a print, which then lead me to, "I Heart Prints and Patterns Blog" and then finally to Eloise Renouf's etsy store. Eloise is a textile and stationery designer living in Nottingham, England, who spends her days running a stationery business with per partner Patrick and juggling commission work and he two lovely little boys. Sometimes there are prints that you just love - these are one of those!

I Love Clouds, limited edition giclee print $25

Passing Shower, limited edition giclee print $25

Autumn Leaves Grey, limited edition giclee print $25

Embroidery Flowers Placement Multi, limited edition giclee print $25

You can check out more of my etsy favs over on my Pinterest Board "Etsy Love"



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