Friday, August 5, 2011

Cutest Cupboards Ever

My tendancy would be to take a cupboard and fill it with as much shelving as possible, which I would then fill with junk i don't need to keep - but this adorable kiddie closet, via young house love - has made me rethink this philosophy.

(images above via Young House Love)

I love the little reading nook - but i might be tempted to put in some of these little ikea spice rack shelves too
(image via farm6 flikr)

Or you could of course go all out and loose the clothes and just make a reading cupboard:


  1. All cute ideas! I've been toying with the idea of some Ikea spice racks for Grace's room but think I might save this one for the nursery instead.

  2. Loving the ideas.. I have a deep cupboard in the playroom that I've just organised with all the kids toys.. I'd not thought of books! Had to smile at the last imaage- loving all the books, but the kid I notice is watching a dvd!!! te he! ;)

  3. adorable ideas. too cute. love the cupboard space full of books. if i was little i would love to read in there!

  4. Love these images and ideas ...and the babe in reading nook shot is too cute :)



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