Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I want to make.... a whiteboard to do list

This great idea comes courtesy of A Little Hut. Simply take one Ikea Tolsby Frame (currently available from ikea for only $1.99 for 2- Bargain!), insert a plain white card preferably with some decoration, find yourself a white board marker - and voila - you have a super sweet double sided "to do" list for your desk. Would look great as a reminder board on the kitchen bench too!


  1. Such a great idea!!!! Thanks for sharing Kate!

  2. Genius!

    I want one for the kid's bathroom, one for Captain V's office, one for the hallstand in the foyer, one for my desk.....the list goes on.

    If only Ikea wasn't a 3 hour drive away!

    xx F

  3. Ah, Kate. Sighing in Hobart. No IKEA in Tasmania. Rats! J x

  4. Today marks a first for me!! the very first time I have stumbled across a blog and loved it so much I have spent hour upon hour reading back to where it begins!
    Thankyou for being my first! You bought a smile to my otherwise dull Tuesday evening. Your blog is like a warm hug and I just want more!!
    Can't wait for the next post... and the next... and the next!




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