Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Creative Space

A day like today (grey, raining and cold) I really wish i was at home in my trackies and ugg boots creating away instead of sitting in an office surfing the web for cool things I could be making. Top of my to make list right now is:
Sheep pillow by Purl Bee - My son calls them Baa's and refuses to say Sheep

My little man is 2 next month so this Birthday shirt vai I can teach my child is perfct!
Some little man pants via Made
10 minute pencil roll via My Poppet - perfect for travelling over the silly season
I have been able to squeeze in some crafting time at night over the last week- and have whipped up another pair of shorts for my son - this time to be worn out in public (no photo sorry - it is too wet and cold in Sydney right now for shorts!) and I have been working on some Christmas presents for my girlfriends (sorry can't share the details yet just in case they read this blog!).

I have also been working on some counting cards for my son. I looked high and low for some that I could buy online but couldn't find any that met exactly what I was after - being recognisable pictures, and then the number in both letters and numerals - so I made my own with my trusty laminator (I splurged and bought myself a laminator last week!)

I am now working on colour cards (but need some sunny weather to take some more photos)

They are by no means perfect but nothing my son will complain about (just his slightly OCD mother). I am also waiting to pick up a book I ordered on snapfish filled with photos of my son's favourite things (birthday present).

Have you been up to any exciting crafting lately? Head over to Our Creative Space for some inspiration


  1. I'm with you on the OC mama part. I always have to remind myself that the kids won't even see the mistakes I imagine there are. :)

    Those little sheep pillows are so cute, too!



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