Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Creative Space - Beanbags & Magnets

I have gone a little hand made crazy this Christmas and I must admit I am really looking forward to giving these presents to my little man come Christmas morning.

First of the rank are these bean bags which I first started in November (see my blog post here) and I finally finished them last week.

I used this tutorial by Chez Beeper Bebe but also ended up putting the rice in a plastic bag before i sewed them in - just in case they ended up in the bath (not sure how but you never know) or need a bit of a touch clean.

Next on the list was some Toy Story Magnets - my son is such a fan of Toy Story so I know he will enjoy these.
The inspiration also came from a Chez Beeper Bebe tutorial and were super easy to make. All I did was find some images on line (the disney site is great for this), resized them, printed them on my home computer, attached them to adhesive magnets i picked up from Riot Art Store and gave them a coat of modge podge. Too easy!

Next on the list is a game of magnetic fish - but I have still to make the fishing pole and hook - so will wait until I have finished before i post about these.

What handmade goodies have you whipped up this Christmas? I would love to hear about them.


  1. They are great! I esp like the bean bags with his name on them. So cute! And a good idea to put the rice in plastic first. I'm dying to get Will the Toy store dvd as I'm sure he'd be right into it at the moment.

  2. Would love trying those DIY magnets...great way to personalize gifts & even bridal shower favors (to match the theme)!



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