Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Creative Space - Rocking the Headband

So apparently when you have a girl you are meant to go accessory crazy! I didn't think I would because I am not a girly girl by any means (I can't remember the last time i wore heals and I don't even own grown up lipstick!) but who can resist a baby in a cute little head band. There is just something so sweet about them. And being the crafty person that I am of course I thought i could make my own. And here is the result.

I bought all the materials on Craftumi (bands by Gemma Joy, Crochet  Flowers by DeDor Supplies and buttons from collection at home) and they were a great nap time craft (i.e. it didn't take too long and it didn't matter if i had to go to Little Miss' room every five minutes to stick the dummy back in!)

Emily rocking the headband
And while Little Miss has been rocking the headbands this week. my little man has been rocking the raincoat. Looking forward to some more rain so we can team the raincoat with his new Charlie & Me gumboots.

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  1. Your headbands are sweet and this little miss just has stolen my heart!!

  2. What cute headbands!! Your little one looks so cute in your latestcrafty creation :) Love the raincoat photo too x

  3. Me again :) Just saw your comment on my blog - you HAVE to drag out your dress-ups... your little boy will love them. I just get bits and pieces from op shops or discount stores but if you already have some dress up clothes, they'd be perfect! x

  4. She's an angel Kate! Love the headbands and why not go girly.

  5. Aww she is just gorgeous. And I agree, they really are rocking the headband and rain coat!



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