Friday, March 23, 2012

A Visit to the Emergency Ward

This week found us in the emergency ward with our son. I am actually a little surprised it has taken us so long to require a visit to the emergency ward. He is a rough and tumble little boy, forever covered in bruises and he is so attached to his Tiges and Weince cold pack, sometimes he likes to take it to bed with him! This time though it was due to his first asthma attack. It was not a totally scary scary visit - more of a: he is wheezing so took him to the GP who said you should take him to the hospital - so off we went.
Well he had a ball! They were well equiped with lots of toys and ABC2 on all day- so he basically played and watched TV for the 6 hours we were there. He was having so much fun I couldn't get a photo of him standing still and the dr said he couldn't admit such a happy looking boy! And the clown doctors - well they just rocked and had all the kids up on their feet batting the bubbles with paddles.
The only bad part was when he got his fingers stuck in the door - but the upside was he got an icypole

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  1. Hospital visits are never fun with the long wait but at least children's hospitals cater for them with toys etc. Glad your little man is okay. Have a great weekend Kate x



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