Friday, December 3, 2010

My Christmas Tree

Thanks to the very timely post from Steph at Bondville on Christmas Wall Decoration Decals – I finally got my act together last week and chose a Christmas tree wall decal design and ordered it on line. I chose this Bosco Bear design
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the size of it. It was super (if not slightly time consuming) easy to put up – and I believe it is the ultimate solution for small toddler / Christmas tree clash crisis’s
Here’s the final result at our place. I just need to strategically place my little man in a santa hat in front of it and then it would just like the store picture!

How are you decorating your house this year? Have you come up with any child friendly solutions too?


  1. too gorgeous!! I've always wanted to get one of these decals...but alas, never got around to it :-)
    I'm going to use paper decorations only on my tree this year to accomodate meerkat the toddler!!

  2. Great idea Kate! Yes, like Cate we went with homemade decorations. I'll be leaving my mums fragile wooden angels in the box for another year :)

    ps thanks for your lovely comments.

  3. Love it Kate! Looks fantastic. We popped branches in a vase this year and put up some older decorations that won't break. Kept the good ceramic ones for next year. I can't believe my 11 month old hasn't pulled it over yet.



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