Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Darling Quarter - Just in Time for Summer

We are really very lucky to live in Sydney and I don't think I would ever want to live anywhere else (lucky for me my husband feels the same). But I must admit sometimes it is hard to come up with new places to entertain a 22 month old without costing an arm and a leg. So that was why I was so excited to hear the new Darling Quarter was now open - just in time for summer.

We headed down on Sunday mid morning on a beautiful clear spring day with enough heat in the sun to need sunscreen. It would appear the rest of Sydney had the same idea.

Despite the crowds - there was enough room and things to do for everyone including the 21m flying fox, giant ring swing, 3m high big slide, slide hill, 18.7m long balance rope course, jumbo swings, octonet (10m high climbing frame - which is seriously very high), pump stations, sand diggers, water scoops, water screw, water squirts - the list goes on. My little man loved the water and giant slide the best - and at only 22 months - there was heaps to keep him entertained. It is even great for kids even younger who just love to get wet and play with soft sand.

For those without children - it is still a great place to visit as there is a huge number of restaurants which have
opened up with lots of very comfy outdoor sitting to spend those summer afternoons and nights with a cool glass of white wine in your hand.
(PS I am not a huge fan of kids in sunglasses but he is going through a hating sun in the eyes phase and he wanted to wear them - whom am I to say no!)

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  1. He looks so cute in the sunnies! It is an amazing playground isn't it! I think you def need two parents per child to watch them though... Will was off like a little rocket from one end to the other and his nappy full of water :)
    We are really lucky to live in Sydney, best city in the world... I'm not biased.



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