Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Creative Space - My Son's new Big Boy Room

My Creative Space this week is my sons new "Big Boy" bedroom. His new room used to be the study / office / spare bedroom / general dumping ground and it took me about 2 weeks to empty it out and find places for everything elsewhere in the house (side note - I currently can't find anything!) The bed has been sold on ebay and is due to go this week, the large white chest of drawers is listed on ebay (bargain starting price of $1.00 and ends tonight if anyone is interested). Next step - repaint the red wall back to a white blank canvas.

In the meantime I have been scouring Pinterest for inspiratioin for his room - and so far here is my inspiration:

Fish on the wall - image via Ohdeedoh - these are actually felt - but i think I will paint them on (and most likley hide a little nemo amongst the blue fish)

Whale and boat on the wall - image via Hola Mama

Some ever popular Ikea Spice Rack Bookshelves - image via here. And i quite like those hanging clouds too.

The play room / dining room is right next door so that means we don't need a lot of toy storage in the room. One problem solved.

For now we are going to keep him in his cot, but also have a trundle bed (i.e. super low bed) on the floor which will be great for reading books and will eventually become his big boy bed. So that means we need some cushions to make it super comfy! Stay tuned for what i can find / make in that department.

Artwork on the walls will be largely taken from his existing room (see previous blog post about them here) - plus this print I am yet to purchase off etsy by Gemini Studio

Whilst i get busy with some paint brushes - feel free to check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Kids Rooms here. And don't forget to check out lots more Creative Spaces over at Our Creative Spaces


  1. Good luck with the redecoration, I bet it's going to look fantastic. :)

  2. I love all your pins, and I think the school of fish looks amazing! I've got those Ikea spice rack shelves on my to-do list too...practical and they look great. Have fun!

  3. Love the fish! I'm keen to do something similar with butterflies, and have repinned this tutorial on using Vliesofix to attach fabric to walls as a decal if it helps -

  4. those rooms are lovely - good luck!

  5. How amazing are those fish! You'll do great.

  6. I love your ideas so far. With such a great imagination I'm sure your finished room will be lovely...



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