Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend Activities for Kids

Looking for something to do with the kids this (most likley rainy) weekend? Why not give one or all of these a go:

Mini work bench - image and details at Modern Parents Messy Kids

Little Monsters - image and details at Alisa Bourke

Pretend Makeup - image and details at Not so Ideal Hands (those $1 bins at the chemist full of dodgy coloured nail polish would be perfect for this one)

Some Here Fishy Fishy - image and details at Mini-Eco

Streets with Painters tape - image and details at Buggy and JellyBean

For a round up of all my kiddie web-found activities - check our my Pinterest Board dedicated to DIY Kid Stuff and Activities

Us? Well this weekend - I am off to the hairdresses and lunch - so there is no telling what my husband and son are going to get up to!

You? Would love to hear what you are getting up to this weekend.

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