Friday, October 12, 2012

Paper Flowers and an Apology

Let's start with the apology - I am sorry i kind of went AWOL for a while there. Apparently 2 kids is way more work than 1, who would have thought, and I kind of got addicted to sewing, so any time I would have spent in front of a computer was spent in front on a sewing machine - so my apologies for abandoning you lovely readers. I am hoping to do better - even if it is to drop in once a week - so I hope you have stuck with me and i am not writing this to myself.

Now - more excitingly - Paper Flowers. My little man and i worked on these this morning while the little miss slept and it was miserable outside (not just wet, but cold too - ridiculous!). They were super easy to make - no instructions necessary!

The ingredients

Action shot
And the result (the bottom 2 are mine!)
The Flowers planted in their garden. I had planned to plant them in the new sandpit - but it was a little bit wet outside!
 Did you get up to anything creative in the rain? Or do you have anything creative planned for the weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Lovely to see you back here Kate. Love the cupcake case flowers too x



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