Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Old and the New Backyard Sandpit

The old humble backyard sandpit..... We have had some of those shells for the last few years but the sand was always wet, a bit festy and not somewhere that I wanted to hang out in! So whilst contemplating a section of dead flower bed - i figured we could create our own sandpit, free up the deck and hopfully create a useable space for the kids. Initially i had intended to dig out the soil from the flower bed and just put the sand in there - but after about 20 mins of digger through roots, I gave up and came up with plan B. Minus the sand (it took about 10 bags to fill) the "pit" cost about $8, some pink chalkboard paint that I had lying around, some old carpet i had lying around as a weed mat, and about 30 mins of my husbands time. It is actually the first bit of pink that I have used in the house since little miss arrived, and i have to say - i kind of like it!  

Trying out the new sandpit for the first time
A post roll and a bit of Macgiver ingenuity adds a new element

What's a sandpit without a bit of water
The old sand pit gets a new lease on life - a car wash

Do you have a sand pit at your house? Does it actually get used?


  1. Looks great and I love the pink. We gave up our old shell style sand pit a while back too - it never seemed quite big enough and I didn't like the lack of drainage either. We have one in the corner of the backyard now and the kids love playing in there :)

    1. Thanks Amanda. We had the same problem with drainage so ended up drilling a few holes in the bottom of one of them - which now makes it a little hard to use that side as a pool! Oops!



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