Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sick days & A Blogger's Tip

one sick boy takes one sick lizards temperature

I got that call yesterday, the one where you are at work and your child's little school (child care) number comes up on your phone screen and you think, S^&T, are they alright? What's happened?? This time it was a temperature of 38.7 and the policy is if it is over 38 they have to go home. So then the guilt set it. That guilt where you feel bad that your child is sick, but then guilty that you have to leave work and go home to care for them, and then the guilt that you even feel guilty about it! The joys of being a working mother. Unfortunately in our house, we only have one car which i use to get to work three days a week, so if anything ever goes wrong - I am in charge! Anyway - that it my little rant about that. 

Now - on to my blogger's tip. Everyone in the world may have already worked this out, but just in case there is one other person who hasn't i thought i would share. So - you take the majority of your photos with your phone, and you then want to use them in  blog post but it is a pain to email them, save them, or hook your phone up! Well - all you need to do is download the bloggers ap, load the pics up on your phone into a draft blog post, go to your computer, bring up your blogger account and hey presto - all the photos you need are already saved into a nice little draft blog post. How easy is that. Now you could go super high tech and write the post from your phone, but i am not a huge fan of typing long things on my phone, and i haven't quite worked out if you can put the images amongst the text. But for what i need it for (upload the pics) it works pretty damn well! Did everyone else work this out ages ago - or i have come up with a brilliant way of doing things???


  1. I hope your little boy feels better soon. It is so hard to get rid of that guilt but you're right there is no need to feel guilty at all. I haven't used the app so for me that is a great tip. I'll have to try it. xx

    1. Thanks Nellie - he is home again today with Dad - but apparently was well enough to hit the local soft play and shops! Good luck with the app. hope it works for you.

  2. Hope your little man is well soon. My mobile is a useless old fashioned one that takes terrible photos so I've never tried to upload them from that to my blog before :)



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