Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dino World in a Box

Now that I am a full time SAHM, I am trying to make more of an effort to organise some activities for my son for the 2 days during the week he is not at little school. As much as I try and get him out of the house as much as possible (at the moment we are going to the park twice a day) - there are of course times when you just can't leave the house and the toddler needs entertaining (particularly when breastfeeding!). So of course i turned to the multitude of ideas I have pinned on Pinterest for inspiration. The idea of a sensory bin is in no ways new - but it was the dinosaurs which caught my eye (not least because we have exactly the same dino's) in this one created by Play Create Explore
Image via Play Create Explore
So a quick scan of the house had me come up with an old fruit box, some old fish tank stones, landscaping stones and toilet rolls and here is the end result. I probably could do with some more stones but it was the best I could come up with at 10pm the night before.

Come the 3.00pm feed, I pulled it from it's hiding place in the laundry and set it down on the living room floor - and the smile (which of course i didn't catch on camera) went from ear to ear on my son, and best of all kept him entertained during the feed.
The next morning he pulled it out again, removed all the dino's and made it an undersea world with all his fish and sea creatures. I have visions of creating a whole bunch of worlds including farms, towns, under the sea, and train world for future feeding times. Will let you all know how i go. In the meantime i have a huge assortment of ideas pinned on my Pinterst board DIY - Kids Stuff and Activities to keep me going for the next 50 years. Feel free to check it out and try some out yourself. Be sure to come back and let me know how you went.


  1. What a great idea Kate, I will need to check out your Pinterest too. xx

    1. Are you on Pinterest yet? If so - I will look you up

  2. Your life sounds so similar to mine at the moment, managing a baby while trying to entertain a baby :) This is Grace's last year at home before 3 days of kindy next year so I'm trying to do more than just 'free play' each day too :) Yesterday we did potato painting and played shops, today we made a flag and now we're about to sit down and do puzzles. It's been too hot here lately to do much outdoors, except for in the late afternoon when the sun's gone done. I will definitely be checking out your Pinterest page (I keep trying to join it myself but it doesn't seem to want me to register for some reason!!) I actually read the other day about a Mum who fills an under bed storage container with rice for a similar activity to yours above. What a great idea, am glad it kept your little boy entertained :)

    1. Hi Amanda - It is nice to hear of people following my blog going through the same life stage! I noticed on playschool yesterday they made flags! It is another great source of inspiration for me. I have thought about the rice but i was worried it would get tipped everywhere and be a nightmare to clean up - but i did pin a tutorial on how to colour it. Let me know if you need an invite to pinterest and i can email one across. Enjoy your day with your babies



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