Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New Approach to 2012

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Firstly - a very belated Happy 2012!!!

Confession time - I have been avoiding blogging. Not that i have had a lot of time to blog with welcoming a new baby girl to our family in early January, but time issues aside, i have been reluctant to blog. Why? It is not for lack of things to write about - but more a fear that if i write about the things that are currently interesting me I might disappoint my readers. Being well and truly in baby / toddler land at present, my days consist of why won't my baby sleep to looking for activities to try and entertain my very energetic two year old son, and cute kids products I find on line (what else am i meant to do during the 3am feeding except shop on my phone!). I still love looking at pretty stationery and design things on line - but it is not my only focus at the moment. So hence my lack of blogging.

After I realised on the weekend why i hadn't been blogging - i soon came to the decision - bugger it! I am going to blog about what I want to, and hopefully my readers will like the new direction - if not, I won't be offended if you decide to leave me, but i do hope you stay and that i find some new readers along the way.

Ok - moving on. Earlier this week I had another "ahah" moment. i was reading some blogs looking for inspiration to entertain my 2 year old and i read somewhere (sorry can't remember the exact blog) about how important it is to let your kids get dirty. I am not a germaphobic parent by any means (my son rarely looks clean!) but i have been reluctant to do dirty / messy activities in order to avoid the inevitable cleaning up. But in an attempt to be less of a rigid parent (that's a whole other blog post!) I didn't stop my son at the park when he wanted to play in the dirt and mud puddles. And do you know what - we had a great time and the only implication was we had a bath before dinner when we got home and not after - not exactly earth shattering! He got to play unrestricted and I got to enjoy watching him do it.

So - the moral of the story - let them eat mud pie - you will both enjoy it! and let them test their climbing skills even if it gives you heart palpitations

And yes - I will be posting some pics of my beautiful new baby girl soon!


  1. Kate I say go ahead and blog away about whatever comes to mind! Congrats on your baby girl, wait til you have 2 of them playing in the mud, then you'll have a clean up. All the best...T

  2. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl. I know what you mean, while I didn't stop blogging, I did go through a phase a while back wondering if people were actually interested in reading about my daily life with two kiddos. My blog has changed focus over the years from being about renovating and decorating to being about ME and my life and the things I'm interested in and to be honest, I prefer this new blogging focus. I'll still be reading whatever you write :) I like the sounds of your new direction for your blog. As for mess and germs, I don't mind mess, but I'm a definite germaphobe :)

  3. Oh Kate, that's delightful news! Congratulations. I can't wait to see some photos of your precious little girl. As for the blogging, it's your space so your rules apply. I'm not going anywhere! J x

  4. YES Baby girl pics please!! and whatever your direction, I will read :)

  5. Welcome back kate, i have missed your musings. I sometimes feel the same about my blig content. do my readerscreally wzntvto hearvabout what i am designing? do they want to hear more about Rowan. Are they really interested in my beach house project. Just as you said, "just blog it, if it makes you feel good". I am very happy to hear from you! Xx



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