Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just a small fan of Toy Story

To say my son is a fan of Toy Story is an understatment. To say we have had to watch the movies at least 50 times would be an understatement, more like 500 times (at least there are 3 Toy Story's we can rotate). So he was in seventh heaven when we went to a friends for a play date last week and he had both a big Woody and a big Buzz he could play with.

Following the play date, his nanny (grandmother) bought him a little Woody to match his little Buzz, but within 10 minutes Woody's leg had fallen off and tears ensured. So off Nanny went to Toys R Us for a replacement, only to return with the mother load of Woody's - one just like his friends. The joy this spontaneous present brought to my son was beautiful.

On the homemade front - I previously made him some Toy Story Magnets (which I know he still plays with because they keep turning up in random places) and I also made some other Toy Story toys earlier this week (pre big Woody) but i am yet to show them too him, and I am a bit worried they will now pale in comparison to big Woody. Will keep you posted.

On a side note here is a quick shot of my son sharing his toys with his baby sister!

Does your child have a favourite movie they are obsessed with? Have you made any homemade toys with characters from the movie? I would love to hear about them.


  1. SOOOooooooo sweet! I love his Woody hat.
    Well as you know Cars is always a big hit in our house, currently we are watching 1960's spiderman on you tube and of course my son can't go past Angelina Ballerina and anything pink or Angelina-ish :)

  2. I am so loving your blog at the moment, I can relate to everything, especially Toy Story mania. Grace LOVES Toy Story and we too rotate the three movies often (although #3 which she was given when Sophie was born is a definite fave). That photo of your little miss is so cute!!



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