Monday, February 20, 2012

Introducing Miss Emily Harriet

So here are the promised photos of our beautiful baby girl. The details - she was born on the 8th January 2012, 2.75kg (I make small babies apparently), 48.5 cm long.
Baby fresh in hospital

Sleeping like a baby in hospital
Hanging out at Nanny's
Camoflage baby
Big brother shares his most prescious toys
Pretty in Pink this week
So there you have it. We have had some professional shots done as well when she was only about 10 days old which I will blog about soon. In the meantime - I hope you enjoy these happy snaps (culled from 100's!)


  1. Just beautiful! I'm off to see my baby grandson Archie in a week so I'll be doing the baby pics again on my blog. Hope you are well and settling down to home life with 2 littlies...T

  2. What sweet photos! She's such a little doll xx

  3. Emily is just gorgeous Kate. Congratulations. xx

  4. Oh Kate, you clever mama! Emily is just scrumptious. You've reminded me just how enormous those Wondersuits are at the beginning ☺. Just divine. J x

  5. She's so beautiful! Hope all is going well and you're getting some sleep! xo



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