Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting the House in Order

As I am due back at work shortly after some 9 months off, I am desperately trying to get the house in order and finish off all the jobs I wanted to do in my time off. Unfortunately the blue rose wall paper in our bedroom is still there and will still be there next month (and possibly year), but last night – I finished the kitchen (well except for painting the ceiling – but seriously who ever looks up)!

Works done: painted walls and timber work (this was done about 2 years ago just to give you an idea of how long this has been going on - our entire house was painted blue when we bought it), new handles, pink laminate cupboards painted white, white with pink and grey spot splashback tiles painted soft green. Not 100% happy with the splashback tile colour but I think it might grow on me.

Some before and after shots:

Before (obviously)

After (my hubbies b'day was over a week ago but i quite like the bunting!)

This weekend – I am re-staining the back deck. Smelly work.

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