Sunday, August 29, 2010

Now I know my ABC’s.....

Now that my little boy is at the reading age – OK more like he is at the age where I read and he tries to eat the book and tear the pages – anyway - I have started looking for some ABC flash cards. Who knows if this method actually works – but I have become a bit obsessed with them. You can get sweet ones, vintage ones, nerdy ones – the list is endless. So – for all those looking for ABC cards (they make great presents also) – here are a few to choose from.
English Alphabet Flash Cards - 1940s reproduction of a childrne's french book - from "Touch of Europe"

A is for Apple Vintage Flashcards - 5x7 - Set of 26 - from "prettylittlestudio" on etsy

For something a little different (and tongue in cheek) - Nerdy Baby ABC flash cards
from "electricboogaloo" on etsy

Alphabet Letter Photography from "alfabetfotos" on etsy
Apparently these images / letters are the result of four years of "letter harvesting" excursions in 3 countries and 15 states. You can check out Michael's full collection here

"Now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me"


  1. I love flash cards we used to have heaps of them - I've seen those sweet vintage ones on etsy - very tempted to get some :-)

  2. I figure i need to buy more than one set and more than one type (he he he) as there would be nothing worse than missing a letter - bit like a deck of cards missing the King of hearts!
    Thanks for the comment Clip Cafe!



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