Friday, August 20, 2010


I have a confession - My name is Kate and i am a stationery addict. I have been an addict since my primary school days. I have tried to kick the habit - OK maybe not tried to kick the habit - but have tried to limit my spending. I have a beautiful timber box of coloured pencils from my University Days (I was studying architecture so it was a perfect excuse to buy them) that i rarely have use for - but every now and then i like to get them out just to look and smell them. Anyway - I digress - now you all just think I am a wierdo. Back to my point.
There is a new stationery store in town - good quality, cool products and cheap.
Welcome Typo.
Their tag line is: "Type is a one stop concept store with irresistible products to fill your space with confidence. Taking trends from the fashion industry and applying them to notebooks, decal wall art, gift wrap and other specialty items, Typo offers products with attitude. Type is fast and affordable"
From what i can gather - they are run by the same company as "Cotton On" who i also love for their basics and to boost my wardrobe in a very affordable way. Some of Typo's products:
Write on desk pad $7.95

A5 buffalo journal $14.95

Flip clock wood grain $19.95
Their website does not do their great number of products justice - so check out a store near you - they are all over Australia already so there is probably one just down the road from you and you just haven't found it yet

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