Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to me

OK - so my first ever blog post. Scary stuff, but as I am about to go back to work 4 days a week after 9 months off (to have my beautiful baby boy O) and launching a new line of greeting cards and gift tags - i feel it has to be done. Yes call me crazy. Making the most of social media i think it is called - my beautiful  friend, from the wonderful Sarah Allen Consulting would be so proud!
My aims of this blog
  1. no fewer than one post per week
  2. post only those things i love - in the hope you love them to.
  3. be positive (it is all about karma!)
  4. use this blog for good not evil
  5. live a balanced life - sometimes you just need a little me time in this busy busy world we live in.
So to start things of - two things i came across today on the Urban Outfitters Blog which brought a smile to my face:

Marcel the Shell with shoes on - too cute and brought a smile to my face:
 Written and voiced by Jenny Slate, and directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp. Marcel is kind of a shell, but she has shoes, an eye, no dog and a good heart. Take 2 minutes from your day to watch this gorgeous clip (sorry have yet to work out how to post video clips).

Ghetti Pencil Carvings Dalton Ghetti carves amazingly detailed miniature sculptures out of pencil tips: a boot, linked hearts, a tiny hammer and an entire tiny alphabet

For more go to: (though you may need to speak German to follow it!)

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