Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bird Mobile How To by Spool Sewing

Like the majority of the blogging world at the moment i am just a little bit addicted to Pinterest (you can follow me or check out what i am pinning here). It is a great way to source ideas and inspirations for blogs and at home craf ideas (if you are into that sort of thing).
One pin I posted today has by far been my most popular - a how to for bird mobile by Spool Sewing.
There is even a flikr group dedicated to these little birdies.

Just thought i would share with those of you who have managed to avoid Pinterest thus far!


  1. I tried going Pinterest cold turkey last week, just whilst playing with StumbleUpon, but had serious withdrawals :( I'm looking forward to lots of crafty eye candy back there this week.
    Love these birds and that they have a dedicated Flickr group!

  2. lovely pics i love birdie friends!

  3. Ha how funny I just found that site tonight! I love these :-)



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