Tuesday, February 22, 2011

quick three: favourite shoes

So when i did my 3 favourite clothing items last week I should have checked this week's favourites... So in no particular order and excluding my havianas because i had them last week

My ugg boots - comfy enough to wear all day long and sturdy enough for those quick trips to the shops (yes i konw if am a dag!)

My birkenstocks - the perfect summer travelling shoes. I own this style in light blue and kahki green but i have always wanted red ones

My blundstones in light suede- i wear these every day at work with jeans, even in summer, and they are super comfy

Playing along with Kasiabear - you should too (it is scary what we have in common!)


  1. Yaay!! Love your list for obvious reasons..
    Still haven't got back into the uggs since my teenage years.. But starting to feel the cold a lot more these days so who knows..
    Thanks for joining in!!

  2. Check out this website if you're interested in more Birkenstocks (much cheaper prices than Oz and free shipping) - I and a few friends have used this website before.


  3. Thats a great website Caroline - almost 50% off. Thanks for sharing!



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