Friday, February 18, 2011

quick three: favourite clothing

I am joining in a new linky game this friday - quick three hosted by the lovely kasiabear

1. My black skinny havaianas - with timber floors in my house - these thongs are permanently on my feet
2. my navy lounge pants / pj's. I love these so much i went and bought a second pair so that i am never without them
3. two soft teeshirts i bought in a super large size when i was pregnant. They have a big owl on one side and are so soft and comfy - and better yet - they only cost $8 each! Bargain!

What are your three favourite items of clothing? Check out some more over at kasiabear


  1. I still wear my big clothes that I wore when I was pregnant too! It is all about comfort for me!

  2. love that colourful pic - I have two pairs of havi's too - they are so great for the beach!!

  3. I love my lounge pants too.. I have a pair from over 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my little girl.. They are super faded.. Super huge and now have paint all over them.. But I can't bare to throw them out..

    Thanks for joining in!!

  4. Oh, I love my black havianas too - two other colours have deteriorated but not the black ones :)

  5. You got me thinking ... I love my:
    1. Ugg slippers in winter time, always keep my toes warm at home
    2. My black leggings as they go with almost everything
    3. Anything LuLu Lemon for working out - they are now in Oz!



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