Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ampersand - And Why Not!

I recently had a request from a friend asking for advice on where should could buy a large Ampersand - about 30cm high. Not one to question why - i simply turned to Etsy to see what i could come up with. Apparently quite a bit.
Some of the many on offer

8.5 inches by tuckerreece

10 inches by SlippinSouthern

12 inches by EdiesLab

and the mother of all ampersands - 33 inches by Dime Store Vintage

and that's all folks (boom tish!)


  1. oooo, love the last one - did she say what she wanted world's biggest ampersand for??

  2. oh gosh! We just made a giant ampersand on the weekend, to be used as a prop. It is 1.5 metres tall. Love it!

  3. Thanks Kate - I do want the world's biggest ampersand because I love the shape and I love typeography. Need a spot to put it though - maybe I'll move the baby grand elsewhere so it gets pride of place! xoxo Sar

  4. ps I should also love spelling a bit more - typography!!



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