Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Creative Space & Bright Sea Publishing - Custom Stamp

I was recently asked by some of my very closest friends to make a hand carved stamp of their newest venture, "Bright Sea Publishing" logo. Sarah (of Sarah Allen Consulting) and her husband Chris Allen, started up Bright Sea Publishing, a Sydney based micropublisher, in 2010 when they were looking to publish Chris' first novel, "Defender of the Faith". Sarah, being the savvy social media guru that she is, has been creating a buzz around Chris' first novel through both facebook and twitter - even to the point of crowdsurfing the book cover.
So - here are some photos of my process and the final product.

You can read all about Chris Allen and his first novel "Defender of the Faith" here:
Defender of the Faith Facebook Page here
Bright Sea Publishing Faebook Page here
Sarah Allen Consulting Facebook Page here

For more creative spaces - head over to kootoyoo


  1. You're amazing! We are very lucky to have you working on Bright Sea and Defender of the Faith. Another successful commission and collaboration - tick! Maybe you should do a book of your photos and we can publish it. Love your work.
    Sar and Chris Allen
    Bright Sea Publishing

  2. lovely! I would love to know if your hands are battle-scarred - i seem to remember that being a 'dangerous' craft?!



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