Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family Room Art Work

The great dining room / playroom / family room renovation of 2011 is getting close to completion. I am off to ikea tonight with hubbie reluctantly in tow (I need him to tie the boxes to the roof racks) to pick up the shelves and dining room table, then one final coat of paint to the windows and we are all done! Just in time too because the bathroom renovation is starting tommorrow!!

So - now the fun part - wall decorations. We have photography throught the rest of the house, but as this will be predominently a play room - I was thinking something more along the kiddie line.

Loving this "dreams for your boy - duck egg" by Harper Grace on etsy

and this great DIY alphabet art DIY poster by the Mother Huddle via Design Mom

I would also like a large black and white photo of my husband, son and I - unfortunately i am usually behind the camera so we don't really have any. May need to enlist my parents help for this one on the weekend.

I would love to hear what you have on your children's playroom wall or any suggestion for mine?

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