Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crayons and Paper

(image via suziebeezie and pinned by Desiree Swanson)

Yesterday I introduced crayons and paper in our house - and i have to say I am surprised what a hit it was. It held the attention of my 14.5 month old son for at least 10 minutes which is impressive if do say so myself! And he kept going back for more.

We may have to look at investing in one of these great drawing tables for the playroom! Created by Tian Tang Design, they are inspired by layered peeling grafitti - ingenious!

(Created by Tian Tang design and found via bloesem)


  1. What a cutie, little artist in the making! Will likes the twisty crayon pens because I think they are easier for him to hold. I remember his first attempt at normal crayons he just wanted to eat them! hehehehe. That drawing table is very cool!

  2. OK - ollie may have had a little chew as well between is picasso moments!



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