Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunch Boxes with Love

My little man is currently being a little bit difficult with what he eats. Given he is only 15 months old I am sure it is but a brief phase - but if I had some of these great products from Lunchboxes with Love to make his lunches - it might be a different story!

Lunch Boxes with Love is the brain child of Cath, a mother of 2, who has fond memories or her mother's creative lunches. However it was an exchange trip to Japan which really got her love of all things Japanese started. 

ABC Cutter set $12.95

Egg Moulds $8.95 / 2

Sandwich shapers $14.95

How popular would your kid be at school with a lunch like this

or this?


  1. gosh! and to think I can't even be bothered to cut the sandwiches into quarters!!

  2. Wow, I love the elephant with it's Mummy one in the bottom pic! That's amazing!

  3. In my experience Kate the fussy eating doesn't get any better.....
    Drives me mad when I cook for Master N and I put it in front of him for him only to hand it back to me and say 'Done Mummy'.



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