Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog Lovin Friday - ThxThxThx

I am not sure if today’s blog lovin Friday’s blog is actually a blog (must remember to look up the definition of blog…) – but I have had thxthxthx bookmarked on my phone for a while now and refer to it now and then when I have a moment to spare (not so often these days).
Thxthxthx is written by Leah who when she is not thanking random things, is a creative director and writer at an advertising agent in LA. Leah’s mother taught her to write thank you notes, so she does – for everything and anything. Each day a new post it is posted thanking something or someone.
Although the subjects appear random and mundane, it is an uplifting read which always gives me a chuckle.
Thank you Leah for making me blog happy.


  1. How funny and random! Leah is very clever, thanks for letting us know about her blog!
    Hope you're having a great day my dear,

  2. Thanks for sharing these, they're quite witty.



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