Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Makedo - Great Xmas Present for kids 3+

For those lucky enough to have a kid older than 3 – here is an awesome Xmas present idea – Makedo’s.
“makedo is a connector system that enables materials including cardboard, plastic and fabric to easily join together to form new objects or structures. When you’re done playing, simply pull it apart to reuse over and over again. makedo is made up of three simple parts - – a connector, a hinge and a construction tool.”

You can buy various sized packs and for a limited time they have free shipping – bargain!
The possibilites are endless

I am so jealous that my little one is not yet old enough for these as they would make those playschool inspired afternoons so much easier, and dare I say – more fun. For the next 2 years we will have to make do with masking tape.

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