Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Creative Space

This week I have been working on my first corporate custom order from the lovely Sarah Allen of Sarah Allen Consulting (the bees knees when it comes to all things social media).

 I have been experimenting with using rollers and ink in lieu of the usual stamp pads and after some excellent advice from Chantal Vincent of Chantal Vincent Art – I think I have it figured. Will be documenting the whole process once I am done.

I am also starting to percolate some hand stamped card ideas…. More to follow
Check out some more creative spaces over at kootoyoo


  1. Yay Kate! Love to know more about the background of the design (but I'm guessing its a bit secret squirrel for the moment!) Once you get going with the stamp printing it's hard to stop. I somehow need to find more play time and less house chores to do : )

  2. Hey Kate, it's looking good and I'm excited - this is going to be such a special end-of-year piece for my clients. I'm all about staying 'top of mind' and with this custom product you have DELIVERED!
    BIG Thanks,

  3. This looks intriguing and very cool {and I love Sarah's comment!}

  4. It's looking very nice so far! Interesting and fun

  5. they look great! did you make the stamp? xxx



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