Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kikki-K - I should have known better

I had a most unfortunate incident yesterday afternoon – I discovered a new Kikki-K store in my local shopping centre. I tried my hardest to refrain from entering, but the bright lights and red and white decorations lured me in. I may or may not have purchased a “drawn wooden alphabet stamp set”. Some of the lovelies on offer at Kikki-K at the moment:
(Clockwise from top left:)
3am spiral notebook
charcoal felt A4 portfolio bag
wooden stamp set cute
wooden apple stamp picnic
paper clips love heart
wooden alphabet stamp set drawn

There is so much more in store and online. But be warned – you will not come away empty handed!
PS – they blog too including great decorating and wrapping ideas


  1. I nearly got the alphabet stamps the other day too! You'll have to show us what u make with them!!

  2. You will definately be seeing these lovelies pop up on my cards soon! Have you been to the new store in Westfied?

  3. Kikki K never used to be here in WA and every time we visited Sydney, I would head straight for their city store. Now we have several over here which is a bit dangerous, especially when online shopping is also an option. I wasn't aware of their blog so am off to have a looksie...

  4. I have the alphabet stamp set from last year - decorated some nifty little gift cards with them...want to see:

  5. Nice ones Cate.
    Amanda - Kikki-K is a curse many of us afflicted with!



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