Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Under a Rock - Lotta Jansdotter

Yes I have been living under a rock when it comes to blogs and design for the past, oh, 30 odd years. But having just discovered Lotta Jansdotter I thought there might be at least one of my readers out there like me.
Lotta’s work is inspired by nature and you can see the Scandinavian influence in her work also. It is clean, crisp and very very appealing.
Lotta produces fabrics, stationery and clothing – but it is her books that are on my Xmas list. In particular,
 “Handmade Living: A fresh Take on Scandinavian” (on sale at Fishpond with free shiping) 
and Lotta Prints: How to Print with Anything from Potatoes to Linoleum” (also on sale at Fishpond with free shipping).
Shelter Pop also recently did a tour of her east coast studio (that's it the dining room is becoming an offical work studio - what little 1 year old needs a playroom).
 For more pictures go here.
(Can someone please tell santa i want these books for Xmas?)

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  1. ooh, I like it. Adding it to my Santa list : )



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