Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Etsy Shopping Week - Printspace

The aussie dollar is still going strong… today’s favourite etsy store is Printspace. Some quick facts from their profile (PS if you have a moment – check out their entire profile – it is really lovely):
·         Art created by married couple Mara Girling and Nicholas Girling
·         Mara:
o   I am married to Nick, he is my light.
o   We have two little boys. They are my inspiration.
o   Olive green is my favourite colour.
o   I am addicted to homeware magazines.
o   I like stationery shops.
o   Anything Danish makes me happy - furniture, graphics, textiles
·         Nick:
o   I'm happiest when painting something that I think looks great.
o   I have a family of people who make me laugh and my mum still goes for the bait my dad has been dishing out forever.
o   I was self taught before I sought to be taught.
o   Im inspired by paint smudges on the road, old textured concrete, strange markings on lamp posts, songs that I've made up with friends, swiss design from the 50's and 60's.
Some of my favourites:
1.      Fishing with dad art print (which I am eyeing off for my little boys room because his dad likes to fish)
2.      Little ones umbrella art print
3.      Three Birds
4.      UFO
Printspace also have a website and blog

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