Friday, September 24, 2010

Feeling a little blue

I was feeling a little blue yesterday and came up with the following etsy treasury:

1 The Skipper Peacoat - Small RoverDog
2 Natural Blue Striped Linen Cotton Napkins Set of 4 -   LinenbyInga 
3 Three Balloons 8x8 Fine Art Archival Photograph - lucysnowephotography
 4 My favourite spot - art print - shirae
5  The Littlest Surveyor - 5x7 Fine Art Photograph Print - ara133photography
6 Royal Blue Tutu - PerryStyle
7 Baby Ballet Booties - JennOzkan
8 Dandies- 10PK Letterpress Notecards - sweetharvey
9  Polite Little Fly 8x10 TheHandsomeFellow
With beautiful items like this made with such love - I couldn't help but cheer up


  1. What a lovely selection - thank you so much for the feature! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sweet harvey - you are most welcome. You can see I have a "thing" for beautiful stationery!

  3. Skipper peacoat - aaaaaah so cute!! I need a little dog I can dress up :)

  4. Ashleigh - you need to make sure you get a fashioned tuned dog - there is no way my little dog would let me put that jacket on her - no matter how cute i think she would look! Shame really



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