Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Everyone needs a pretty outfit - even if you are a piece of technology

It was my intention to do a feature on a whole myriad of laptop and ipad cases today, however I got distracted by two sellers in particular. I know not everyone has an ipad, iphone, or even a laptop – but that shouldn’t stop you from appreciating the beauty in these two seller’s products.
Byrd & Belle:
Handmade by Angie Davis from her studio in Minneapolis, the ipad, iphone and laptop cases are simply beautifully simple (if you catch my drift). Made largely of thick felted wool in shades of greys (you would never know it was her favourite colour!) and a touch of leather they ooze sophistication and make you just want to reach out and touch them.
1. laptop sleeve, 2. ipad sleeve, 3. iphone sleeve
Angie’s products are available to purchase on line either at her store or on etsy and you can follow her on facebook, twitter and her blog. For those starting out or even old pro’s at being a small business, make sure you check out the “business of being small” section of her website. Her writing is refreshingly honest and straight forward and I was immediately hooked.

Handmade by Liz in Melbourne Australia, the bright colours of these bags immediately caught my attention. Ambette describes her work as “Clean modern lines with a retro twist…. bold blocks of colour contrasted with natural fibres”. Constructed with german wool felt (apparently “the reason German wool felt is so much better is because it is much more dense (the fibers are packed closer together). This means the felt will stand up better to wear and tear, and be more durable”), tough hessin and durable cotton canvas.
1. laptop sleeve, 2. iphone sleeve, 3. ipad sleeve
There is something inherently cheerful about Ambette’s design that makes me smile every time I look at them – and that is not a bad way to start a day at your laptop!
Ambette’s products are available to purchase on etsy and you can follow her on facebook, twitter and her blog.

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