Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby number 2 - beware…..

For those that know me well, I am never without a camera and it is often pointed at friends and family. So when my first son was born some 9 ½ months ago I wanted to come up with something creative to capture his life. So every day I take a photo (usually with my iphone because it is never far away) and I send my close family a “Daily Ollie”. The plan is then to create a book at the end of his first year.
Baby number 2 however (no it is not on the way – give me a break)– I am going to take a leaf out of Adele Enersen’s, otherwise known as Mila’s mum, book / blog. Adele was a copywriter and concept designer in a previous life, but is now loving being a mother and housewife on maternity leave. As her maternity hobby, Adele creates amazing worlds around her sleeping beauty when she is napping, and captures it for the world to see. What started as a way to share photos with family and friends has gone worldwide with over 41,000 facebook followerers. The images are super cute and has me itching to take photos….
Mary Poppins
Space Odysee 2010
Paper doll

Check out Mila’s Daydream Blog and Facebook page. Make sure you look at the photos on facebook where other fans have posted photos of their efforts!

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