Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Smile....

I have a blessed life with beautiful family and friends. Yes I work hard, yes we are mortgaged to the hilt, yes I never get enough sleep, yes sometimes life can kind of suck – but so what. This is the only life I have so why not focus on the positives.
Life is good.
And this is why I smile.
I often get asked “what are you smiling at” or “what are you so happy about”
A smile is free and it feels good. Why not just try smiling for a day. You will never look back.
SO VERY HAPPY dazeychic
What makes you smile?


  1. What makes me smile? All three of the above! I like your choices : )

  2. I walk around happily grinning to myself. I get odd looks sometimes and find myself turning the smile into something that looks more like "whatcholookinat".
    Hey, wasn't the ABCD fun? So many Sydney bloggers venturing out on a school night.



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