Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. How gorgeous! And the second baby + pet shot I've seen in Wordless Wednesday today! It's funny how sometimes there just seems to be a bit of an unofficial theme happening...

    So who got the ball?

  2. So cute! Photos like these make me think that we need a puppy!

  3. Hi Sarah - Would you believe Ollie (the baby on the left) got the ball! Maybe it is the sunshine that gets you into the yard with pets and kids!

    Tamara - Gotta say - sometimes baby and dog (she is 4 years old this year) are a handful - particularly when you are going away for a weekend and have to pack the car! But Ollie loves Daisy Duck (the dog) and she is great company (and incentive to crawl around the room!)

  4. My son loves our spoodle Licorice. I dread the day when she goes to heaven. But that is a while away yet, I hope. Charmaine

  5. so sweet!! both adorable subjects you have there :) thanks for joining in WW.



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