Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog Lovin Friday – “Calico & Co” and “Thoughts, Comments, Questions”

Moving on from Random Etsy Wednesday, I now declare Friday to be “Blog Lovin’ Friday”. For those that have been following my blog from the beginning you will know I am a newby when it comes to blogs. I am not sure how I have missed them before now, and it is a shame as I had 9 months maternity leave when I could have gone blog wild… anyway, I digress.
Blogs are a wonderful, addictive, informative, entertaining, enlightening and inspiring thing. So for “Blog Lovin’ Friday” I am going to spread the blog love about some of the blogs I come across in my websurfing.

First off the list is Calico & Co – the wonderful blog authored by the equally wonderful Amanda Fuller. I can’t even recall how I first came across Amanda’s blog – but once I did I was well and truly hooked. I would even go so far as to say it was Amanda’s blog that gave me the push to set one up for myself. As well as blogging, Amanda also does Graphic Design work and recently launched her own line of Stationery called lemon tree lane (etsy). Amanda’s blogs are full of beautiful homewares, indie, handmade, interior design, pretty things, stationery and generally she shares what I love on a day to day basis. Amanda also facebooks and tweets
So Ms Fuller – thank you for your blog. You make me blog happy.

Second on the list, is Sarah Allen Consulting’s blog, “Thoughts. Questions.. Comments...”. Now I should disclose straight off the bat that I have known Sarah for some 17+ years, I love her to death and our baby boys are BFF’s. But that aside – Sarah is somewhat of a guru (though she won’t call herself that) when it comes to Social Media. So much so she now makes a living running Social Media workshops and training sessions.
For any small or medium business out there (yes that means anyone with an etsy or made it account) – check out her blog (and website coming soon), follow her on facebook, twitter, linked in and audioboo and I promise you - you will learn something!
Ms Allen – you are a guru in my eyes and thank you for your ongoing coaching and support on all things Social Media!
So that is my first Blog Lovin’ Friday. Take some time – check them out and why not leave me a comment letting me know your favourite blog!

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